Northland Community Foundation (NCF) has been supported during these years by The Tindall Foundation and Health NZ Te Tai Tokerau (formerly Northland District Health Board). Many people will know NCF through its major fundraising work for Project Promise, the Cancer Centre for Northland.

Northland Community Foundation is working hard to inspire generosity for our community, forever, through endowment funds and living giving. We want to see Northland grow and prosper – and one of the ways to do that is by encouraging giving to charitable or community causes that are dear to people’s hearts.

With the success of the Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre fundraising programme (Project Promise), the Foundation is now working on a much wider programme of encouraging charitable giving to benefit Northland.

The key to success for a community foundation is to connect with people who have had a great life in their home region and who want to give back through charitable giving. People can support their local community forever by making a gift through Northland Community Foundation. The gift can keep on giving because the capital remains intact, is invested, and the income from the investment is distributed annually to charities and community groups in the Northland area.  When making distributions the individual’s wishes are paramount – they can choose which groups to support, or leave the decision to NCF Trustees and Grants Panel who know the needs in our region.

The Tindall Foundation

NCF is already responsible for supporting and encouraging community organisations through its role as a Tindall Foundation Funding Manager. Each year, a range of different organisations doing wonderful work throughout Northland receive grants totalling approximately $90,000. The work of these organisations ranges from feeding hungry children, supporting volunteers, assisting with managing budgets, parenting skills, providing support for fostered children and much much more. Click on the Tindall Foundation logo to be taken to its website.

Northland District Health Board

NCF will maintain its special relationship with Health NZ Te Tai Tokerau, supporting charitable fundraising activities such as the Countdown Kids Appeal, as well as managing Health NZ Te Tai Tokerau’s charitable account and working to attract donations and charitable giving for the benefit of Northlanders who need healthcare services of all kinds, not just those that are cancer related.

The Foundation will work with groups and individuals who are considering supporting charitable or community causes for the people of Northland. We will be encouraging the spirit of giving as a means of improving the community and adding depth and further value to our region. Click on the Health Fund Plus logo to be taken to our Health Fund Plus page:


Ways to Give

People wanting to give to the Northland Community Foundation may decide to

  • Leave a gift in their will or
  • Donate during their lifetime and have the pleasure of seeing their money make a difference, and receive a 33.3% tax credit. (Rules apply)

Click here to go to our donate page: https://northlandcommunityfoundation.org.nz/donate/