Pohutukawa Donor Tree – Cancer and Blood Services Treatment Centre

The “Pohutukawa Donor Tree” inside the Jim Carney Cancer and Blood Services Treatment Centre leads on from the previously successful fundraising campaign 'Buy a Brick' for the building, refurbishment and support of the Centre. Now that the Centre is built, and the brick wall is complete, leaves for the Pohutukawa Tree are available for purchase at $1,000 each. Donated funds go towards supporting the ongoing work and extra 'nice to haves' at the Centre.

You will see that every Pohutukawa Tree ‘Leaf’ can have a message on it. In addition, you can choose your own message (up to 40 characters) so that “your” leaf is unique and personalised.

The team greatly values the gift of a ‘Leaf’ at the Cancer Treatment Centre as it is a visual reminder of the people who have supported their work, as well as a reminder of the funds that have been raised.

You can ‘Buy a Leaf’ by clinking on the Donorbox link here: Pohutukawa Donor Tree – Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre | Northland Community Foundation (Powered by Donorbox)  via internet banking or credit card.

If you would like to help support fundraising for the Cancer and Blood Service Centre, you can download a copy of our brochure and poster here:

Jim Carney Cancer Centre Brochure 3 panel DL Brochure Nov21 WEB

Jim Carney Cancer Centre Poster NOV21 WEB

If you have any further queries about funding please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation on: 021 558 224 or 0204 139 8518.

If you would like to get hold of the Cancer Treatment Centre call: 09 470 3261 or 0800 466 265 (0800 4oncology).