Your gift to the Community Fund will help to support and strengthen Northland and Northlanders. Your donations can be pooled and invested or donated directly out, it’s your choice. Interest from the invested funds and direct donations will be delivered to organisations who are supporting the Northland community, in the form of grants.

A donation to the Community Fund allows our grants panel to use their knowledge of the Northland community to target the income from your donation to wherever the need is greatest at the time. Once per year, applications are accepted from community groups. The grants panel considers each application and delivers the funds where they will have the most benefit.

You can gift directly to the Community Fund so your gift can be used now by the service of your choice and you receive a 33% tax credit. Visit our donate page here to donate by credit card or through your bank account. You will need to choose Community Fund.

Or we can invest your gift and deliver the interest from these funds back to our local community services every year, forever! Click here to see how your gift can grow and give forever: How to Grow your Gift

You can also gift through your Will, and it can be as much or as little as you want, for example 5% to 10%. See our Legal Resources page here for more information:

Get in touch with us to discuss either of these options here:

Grassroots Fund

The Community Fund is kindly supported by The Tindall Foundation in the form of a sub-fund called the Grassroots Fund.

Volunteering Northland

Volunteering Northland is one of the organisations that is doing great work in the Northland community, matching people with a little time to spare with organisations in need of a helping hand.
Northland Community Foundation has established an endowment fund on behalf of Volunteering Northland, which you can choose to donate to directly.