Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust

Posted on: 28/02/22

New Zealander’s and their environment are intrinsically linked, all the way from the top of our mountains down to the sea. These catchment regions that we live in provide us with all our essentials for survival, and it is water that connects them all. Since 2001, Mountains To Sea Conservation Trust (MTSCT), through their Whitebait Connection (WBC) and Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) programmes, have instilled communities and school students with wonder and awe towards water and the life it holds, by giving them a chance to slow down and get connected with the environment they depend upon. Realising we are not the only ones who depend upon healthy catchments and marine environments leads to a greater sense of responsibility, and a natural path toward action.

Since 2021, the programmes have resulted in 122,470 trees being planted along 52.01km of riparian habitat, with a total programme reach of 107,411 people, and 106 īnanga spawning habitats identified and adopted. They have taken 73,180 people into NZ’s marine reserves and over 27,291 people have been engaged in marine conservation events. A total of 147,905 people have snorkelled with EMR! Mountains To Sea Conservation Trust.

“It was the best ever snorkeling experience I have had – especially the sunfish and the kingfish. The kingfish were rubbing their backs on the sunfish!”– Ben Wigley, Kaingaroa School.