Northland Community Foundation’s Board consists of 5-9 independent Trustees, each serving a 3-year term, with eligibility for reappointment for two further 3-year terms. One of these Trustees is appointed by Te Whatu Ora Te Tai Tokerau, while the remaining Trustees are appointed by the board. The regular scheduled retirement of Trustees means we will require new Trustees to replace them.

The Foundation’s Trustees bring together a wide range of expertise including business and financial management, law and community development. Board members volunteer their time to oversee the functions of the Foundation and provide representation from around Northland.

The upcoming scheduled retirement of trustees means we will require new trustees to replace them.

Northland Community Foundation seeks community-minded people with strong local networks and governance capability to join their dedicated voluntary Board of trustees. This is a rewarding and crucial role joining an existing team of governance locals who are managing donor relationships, building a new endowment asset for the region and making crucial granting decisions for funding priorities, based on community needs and opportunities.

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Meet the Trustees

  • Richard Alspach - Northland Community Foundation
  • Season Downs - Northland Community Foundation
  • Megan Wills - Northland Community Foundation
  • Nicola Hartwell - Northland Community Foundation
  • Pip Zammit - Northland Community Foundation
  • JP Dignon - Northland Community Foundation
  • Moe Milne - Northland Community Foundation