Make a Donation Today

Thank you for your interest in becoming a donor - There are a number of ways that you can donate via a gift in your will (bequest), credit card, or internet banking.

For advice and assistance on how we can structure your donation or bequest please contact us to discuss your options. It is important to us that we tailor this to work for you.


Donate by bank transfer

You can make a donation directly into our bank account by internet banking or a bank transfer.

Click on the button below to open a form, which you need to fill in so that we know which cause you would like your donation to support and can send you a receipt.

When you submit the form you will be given the bank details you need to make the payment.

Donate by bank transfer


Donate by credit card

To donate by credit card, please click on the button below.

This will take you to our secure Donorbox site where you can make your donation.

Donate by credit card



Unfortunately, Northland Community Foundation is no longer able to accept cheques for donations.

As you may be aware, banks across Aotearoa are no longer accepting cheques from mid-2021. We understand this change may be difficult for you and we’re here to help. We encourage you to speak to your bank about what alternative options will work best for you and we can help you through the process if you choose to donate by credit card or internet banking instead.


Tax Rebates

Under current taxation legislation, donations during your lifetime qualify for a 33.3% tax rebate up to the limit of your taxable income. If you make a donation of $5 or more to the Northland Community Foundation, you may be able to claim a tax credit of 33.3%. Find out more about tax credits for donations here.

Supergenerous has taken the hassle out of claiming your rebate for any donations made in the past four years. It’s a quick and easy process to get your rebate back, or you can choose to increase your impact by donating it back to Northland Community Foundation!

Find out more, or sign up today at

You can also claim your donation tax credit online in myIR. Using myIR means the IRD can work out your tax credit without you having to file a claim when the tax year ends on 31 March. You can submit your receipts any time throughout the tax year or submit them all together at the end of the tax year. You need to wait till after end of the tax year to receive your tax credit. To submit your receipts online click here.