Leave a lasting legacy in your Will

September is Wills Month - Create your legacy for Northland today and receive 10% off the creation or update of your Will with our participating partners: Law North Lawyers, WRMK Lawyers, and Henderson Reeves.

When making a will many people want to give something back to their community, or leave a bequest to their favourite charitable cause. It’s a common misconception that only wealthy people leave money to charity when they pass away. Gifts in wills, or bequests, are not just made by the rich and famous. The reality is most bequests are made by ordinary, hard working people who want to make a positive difference in their community and to other people lives. You may consider leaving a percentage of your estate or a specified sum in your will to the Northland Community Foundation, knowing it will keep on giving back to our community forever. Your gift can be added to the Northland Fund, or one of our already established funds.

If you would like to create a named endowment fund or a gift through your will our legal resources will help you create funds for local charitable causes that you care about, that will last forever. Creating a named endowment fund will enable you to live on through your charitable giving. Your fund will be named after you and invested with Craigs Investment Partners, and a portion of the interest earnt each year will be gifted back to the charitable cause you care about. You can create a named endowment fund with a gift in your will for at least $25,000. Click on the named endowment fund form here to review how the fund works in more detail.

Carlos Reed created his fund in 2005, with an original gift of $100,000. The Fund has nearly reached $160,000 and can gift a $10,000 scholarship every three years to a high achieving student at Otangarei Primary School. Read all about Carlos Reed’s Fund here to find out more about how Carlos will support Otangarei youth to achieve forever!

If you would like to make a gift through your will, but not create a named fund, check out our form here for suggested clauses for wills. These funds can also be invested forever, and the interest distributed to the particular local fund or cause you are interested in. You can choose how much you want to give, gift a nominal amount or a percentage of your estate. Some people like to gift 10% of their estate, with the remaining 90% going to their children.

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