Grassroots Fund

The Community Fund is kindly supported by The Tindall Foundation in the form of a sub-fund called the Grassroots Fund.

Northland Community Foundation is proud to be a Local Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation in the Northland region for the Family/Whānau Focus Area.

By contributing to this fund, you will enable us to support more of the excellent projects that are proposed by and for our local communities.

The Grassroots Fund provides grants of between $1,000 and $15,000 for initiatives that aim to improve the lives of Northland people in the long-term. The grants panel receives applications once per year and prioritises applications from small organisations run mostly by volunteers in the local community.

The Grassroots fund supports community groups and charitable organisations who deliver initiatives that help Families/Whānau by supporting:

  • the wellbeing of tamariki/children through their early years
  • the wellbeing of rangatahi/young people
  • the wellbeing of whānau/families

To find out more about the Family/Whānau Focus Area, click here.

In recent years, the Grassroots fund has supported organisations such as Dargaville Early Years Hub, who support the whānau of vulnerable tamariki up to six years old by providing a child-friendly drop-in centre and improving access to much-needed services to improve health and education outcomes of the youngest members of our community. You can find more information about what the fund has supported here.

You can gift directly to the Grassroots Fund and you receive a 33% tax credit. Visit our donate page here to donate by credit card or through your bank account. You will need to choose the Grassroots Fund.

Or we can invest your gift with Craigs Investment Partners and deliver the interest from these funds back to health services every year, forever!

You can also gift through your Will, and it can be as much or as little as you want, for example 5% to 10%. See our Legal Resources page here for more information:

Get in touch with us to discuss either of these options here: