What is a Community Foundation?

A Community Foundation is a donor-driven organisation which seeks to accumulate contributions from a variety of sources and works to create a permanent asset base in the form of an endowment. This enables funds earned from the capital invested to be used in the local community. Check out this great little video which tells you all about Community Foundations and what they do…

When was Northland Community Foundation established?

Northland Community Foundation was established in 2004 and is one of thirteen Community Foundations in New Zealand with funding from The Tindall Foundation’s community strengthening initiatives. The path from establishment to a fully fledged, working community foundation is acknowledged as being likely to take ten to twelve years.

Who decides where the money goes?

You, as a donor, can specify your preferred charities, or the Northland Community Foundation Grants Panel will review and decide from the applications received. All positions on the Grants Panel are voluntary and report to the Board of Trustees.

How is the money invested?

The Northland Community Foundation Board oversees the investment decisions. Craigs Investment Partners manage the funds, based on a relatively conservative investment policy. However, a variation to these investments can be developed to meet donor needs. The Investment Panel reports to the Board of Trustees.

Who appoints the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees are appointed in accordance with constitution developed by Northland  Community Foundation to ensure a balance of good governance and stewardship, commercial and legal expertise combined with significant local knowledge. All positions are voluntary and the aim is to have representation from across the Northland region.