Northland Fund

The Northland Fund has been established especially for those who would like to give, but would like the Foundation to decide where the greatest need exists at any given time.


Your gift to the Community Fund will help to support and strengthen Northland and Northlanders.


Education is one of the most important areas for support in Northland. We know that the statistics for Northland educational achievement are not as good as we would all like.


We live in one of the most beautiful and environmentally diverse regions of New Zealand. Our coastline is spectacular and our podocarp forests are remarkable, but maintaining our environmental heritage for the future is not a simple process.

Health Fund PLUS

We have a special, enduring relationship with Northland DHB. We take care of all their charitable accounts and major fundraising.

Local Funds

Three Local Community Funds have been established by the generosity of local donors and need to grow to at least $50,000 before the interest off the perpetual investment can be gifted back to the community.


Kiwis love their sport. Whether we participate on the field or on the sideline, we love to be involved. Our Northland Sport Fund gives you the opportunity to ensure young (and older) Kiwis stay fit and active.