Who We’ve Helped

The Northland Grassroots Fund has enabled parents with young children to get more support, children in rural areas to receive counselling to deal with trauma, and Maori youth to take part in a development programme. These and many more benefits are the outcome of the 2019 distribution of over $91,000 made by Northland Community Foundation through the Grassroots Fund.

Every year the Northland Grassroots Fund is made available to charities and organisations working with the local community to provide services and support all over Northland. This year, with just over $91,000 available to distribute, applications were received from 34 organisations that amounted to $ 410,032 worth of requests in total. The Northland Community Foundation’s Grant Panel, made up of volunteers from around the region, had the difficult job of selecting 13 organisations to be the recipients of this year’s available funds.

Organisations receiving a donation from Northland Grassroots Fund 2019 are as follows:

Congratulations to all 13 organisations that have been awarded grants. We know the funds will be used to benefit the community and make a real difference in peoples’ lives!