Give and Get Your Tax Back

The upcoming date of March 31st is a great reminder of the benefits of giving! Giving through Northland Community Foundation supports vital local work and unlocks your 33% tax credit so your gift really can go further.

Contact us today if you are interested in making a donation into a community endowment fund, or you can start your own fund to support the local causes close to your heart.

With the end of the fiscal year right around the corner, many people like to consider their giving plans.

At this time of year, we remind generous New Zealanders that a donation to your local community before 31 March will be eligible for a 33.3% tax credit.

To file for a tax credit when you make a one-off gift or engage in regular giving, you can submit copies of your donation receipt electronically throughout the year to your myIR account and claim donation tax credits as part of your end-of-year income tax process. For more information about this process click here.

If you have missed filing tax credit forms for donations made in past years, the IRD will let you go back up to four years.

Through the network of community foundations around the country, we see incredibly committed donors who are starting to build their funds during their lifetimes. Many people get tremendous fulfilment by seeing the benefit of their contributions at work in their community.

And you can support your local region today in all sorts of ways, from:

  • funding scholarships for educational opportunities;
  • providing excellence awards for arts and sport;
  • honouring family members who have died by supporting causes that would have been meaningful to them;
  • or by working with Northland Community Foundation to find just the right cause to support in your area.

In the end, people give to the causes that they value most, and the 33.3% tax credit provides a really nice incentive to act before 31st March.

It’s a smart way to make your giving go further through your local community foundation.

See more about tax credits for donations on the IRD website