Waipu Endowment Fund

The Waipu Endowment Foundation Trust (WEFT) has been set up under the umbrella of Northland Community Foundation, solely for the benefit of people living in the Waipu area.

Six founding trustees have been involved in setting up the Fund and they are all passionate about this very special part of Northland and want to see it thrive now and in the future.

The Waipu Endowment Fund Trust represents donations from individuals, organisations and businesses in the Waipu district who want to contribute towards a permanent legacy for the long term benefit of Waipu. Anyone can contribute. Donations, gifts, bequests and endowments of all sizes are encouraged and welcomed.

Waipu-based Trustees will advise on grants. Your contribution will be pooled with others, increasing its effectiveness. The more quickly funds grow the faster WEFT will be able to make funding available.

You can gift directly to the Waipu Endowment Fund so your gift can be used now and you receive a 33% tax credit. Visit our donate page here https://northlandcommunityfoundation.org.nz/donate/ to donate by credit card or through your bank account. You will need to choose the ‘Waipu Endowment Fund’ in the fund options.

Or we can invest your gift and deliver the interest from these funds back to Waipu services every year, forever! Click here to see how your gift can grow and give forever: How to Grow your Gift

You can also gift through your Will, and it can be as much or as little as you want, for example 5% to 10%. See our Legal Resources page here for more information: https://northlandcommunityfoundation.org.nz/resources/legal-resources/

Get in touch with us to discuss either of these options here: https://northlandcommunityfoundation.org.nz/contact/

Marvyn and Doug, have made a donation towards the Waipu Endowment Fund read their donor story here:

Marvyn and Doug