Support Northland Community Foundation

The Future 50 and Friends of the Foundation funds future-proof the foundation's operational costs. The financial strength of the foundation is important for long-term sustainability. This fund helps the foundation with operating costs, ensuring it will continue in perpetuity.

Operating costs are absolutely vital to not only the long-term sustainability of the foundation, but the ongoing growth goals to make Northland Community Foundation a true staple in our community for generations to come.

We encourage contributions to this fund from anyone, big or small, regular or one-off.

The Future 50 Fund is looking for 50 individuals or local businesses that are committed to giving $20 per week to help fund our core operations. This money will go towards promoting Northland Community Foundation to future donors and grant recipients, processing applications for grants, as well as everyday costs like wages, software, office equipment and consumables. Your donation may be worth even more than you think. Individuals can claim a 33.33 percent tax credit for all donations over $5 they make. Donations made through Payroll Giving are also eligible for tax credits of 33.33 percent but have the added advantage that the credit is given automatically through your pay. Hence, for a $20 donation only $13.40 is taken from your pay! Companies donating to the fund can claim tax deductions (a reduction in the amount of taxable income) for all donations made.

We are also looking for Supporters and Friends of the Foundation. If you are an individual or you represent a corporation, and you would like to support the operational costs of the Foundation, we would love to hear from you. Supporters and Friends of the Foundation will be invited to special events and kept informed with our biannual newsletter. By becoming Supporters and Friends of the Foundation, you belong to an exclusive group of people who help support and sustain our important work within the community. You can help to ensure that our fees stay low for our community. Endowment funds are currently only charged at 1% per annum and pass through funds at 10%, and we’d love to keep it that way.

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