Our Supporters

  • The Tindall Foundation

    The Tindall Foundation supports all Community Foundations in New Zealand. Northland Community Foundation is a Tindall Foundation Funding Manager distributing more than $80,000 annually to great causes and charities in Northland.

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  • Northland District Health Board

    Northland District Health Board (NDHB) invests in operational funding which supports the Foundation to assist NDHB with –

    • Charitable accounts management so that donated funds can be distributed across the region
    • Charitable Giving that include Endowments and Bequests to NDHB. Northland Community Foundation manages these funds through its investment policy on behalf of NDHB. The capital from these investments is accrued to save up for significant projects or to be kept in perpetuity to allow interest to be distributed according to the donors wishes.
    • One-off Gifts and Fundraising (Corporate Sponsorship and Grants)
    • Establishing a Health Fund as the mechanism for philanthropic giving by the community to NDHB
    • Special Campaigns (such as Countdown Kids, Talipes Awareness, etc)

    NCF aim to help NDHB provide for additional medical equipment, support and help to staff, patients and families. We act as an extra to government funding never as a replacement for government funding.


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  • Community Foundations of New Zealand

    Community Foundations of New Zealand work together to provide resources that will make a lasting difference in their local communities.

    Community Foundations:

    • Provide a vehicle for people to leave a gift to their community.
    • Funds are pooled and invested in perpetuity.
      Interest from the funds supports your local community or organisation every year, forever.
    • You choose who is to benefit from your fund’s annual distributions.
    • Voluntary trustees are committed to ensuring a strong and caring foundation supporting your community.
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  • Craigs Investment Partners

    Northland Community Foundation’s funds are managed by Craigs Investment Partners. Craigs is one of New Zealand’s leading investment advisory firms, providing bespoke investment advice since 1984.

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  • Vince Cocorullo IT

    Vince, the “fix IT man” comes to our rescue often for any IT issues. And we’re very thankful for his voluntary support. Organisations like ours need this kind of help! Because Vince provides his support to us as a community service, we just want to say a big thank you!

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