Annual Report 2019

Posted on: 06/10/20

This year has been a fantastic year for the Northland Community Foundation with invested funds increasing to over $1.2 million, with our largest fund established so far. Craigs Investment Partners (Craigs) portfolio performance was also outstanding with returns of 11% for the last financial year (before fees and taxes). Approximately $400,000 was gifted to the Northland Community Foundation from the Whangarei Hearing Association and Alice O’Keeffe Bequest. The funds will be invested for perpetuity and the interest earned from the invested funds will be distributed annually to Deaf Aotearoa – Whangarei Branch to identify Whangarei residents in need. Other Northlanders also showed their support for our community by donating to the Northland Community Foundation during 2019. Donations varied from small to large, one-off to ongoing, all providing support for their community forever!