Bay of Islands Physiotherapy Donation

Posted on: 28/02/22

In 2021 the Physiotherapy Department at Bay of Islands Hospital received an extremely generous donation of $50,000, via Health Fund PLUS, from a lovely Northland couple. Health Fund PLUS allows people to make donations and gifts to our Northland hospitals or services for the “optional extras” that are so important to patients and their families.

The donor was an earlier participant in our Better Breathing Programme at Bay of Islands Hospital. The couple were very concerned about the lack of gym equipment to rehabilitate people in the Mid North and felt the Mid North community deserved decent exercise equipment. This donation will improve the quality of the rehabilitation available in the Mid North, not only for this group of people but for everyone that needs our help.

The Better Breathing programme is designed for people in our community who suffer from many different types of lung disease. During the seven-week programme, people attend twice a week for a progressive exercise programme and education to improve their knowledge about healthy habits, quitting smoking, nutrition, medication, pacing of activities, stress and anxiety tools, and breathing management.