Northland Grassroots Fund delivered to Local Charities

Posted on: 28/11/17

Thousands upon thousands of voluntary hours are spent delivering quality services and support to Northlanders through a huge variety of organisations. Northland Foundation is proud to be able to provide thirteen of these organisations with much-needed funding to encourage the continuation of their efforts.

Parents with young children will get more training and help, victims of crime will receive increased support, the Whangarei community will learn about financial management, more food will be available at foodbanks, and new migrants will get more social experiences. These and many more benefits are the outcome of the recent distribution of over $83,878 made by Northland Foundation through their Grassroots Fund.

The Grassroots Fund is made available annually to charities and organisations working at local community level to provide services and support.

This year applications were received from 21 organisations totalling $164,410 worth of requests. Thirteen organisations were chosen by Northland Foundation’s Grants Panel, made up of five panellists from around the region to decide who would receive the donations.

Grants Panel Chair, Margareth Broodkoorn says that she and the other panellists are always impressed and humbled by the applications every year which reveal the enormous work going on in Northland communities, often by volunteers. “We realise just how many people are being supported in a positive way when we come to distribute the funds,” she said. “The Grassroots Fund is about a hand up rather than a hand out,” she noted. “We look for groups that are working very closely with their community, looking for local solutions to issues and working out how best to meet local needs.”